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HACCP And Colour-Coding

Size: 55cm
Plastic mustik squeegee head can be attached to an aluminium handle -hygiene sensitive areas (22mm or 25mm) or a wooden handle (22mm or 25mm).
Mustik heads are colour coded and can be used for colour coding purposes.

HACCP – What does it mean?
HACCP is the acronym of ‘Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points’. This internationally recognised food management system aims at protecting food safety and reducing food-related health hazards. It helps the business to identify and control the risks that cause health hazards.

HACCP Colour-Coding:
HACCP colour-coding is an effective way to prevent cross contamination and other food-related hazards in food processing facilities. It simply means that the tools that you use in a certain area are assigned a colour and those tools can only be used in that area.

Which Colours – Cleaning Equipment?

Which Colours – Kitchen Utensils?

How can we assist?
At SFGS we have a full range of Colour-Coded Cleaning Equipment and Brushware manufactured to the highest standard, for optimal HACCP implementation. Combine these with our Cleaning Chemicals, whether chosen from our SABS Range or Status Premium Range, to benefit your business environment and prepare it for the ever-increasing (and necessary) cleaning auditing demands.

NB : When requesting a quotation, please include the following:
1. The colour of the squeegee you would like us to quote you on