March to May 2018

Every Monday we focus on a particular PRODUCT. These may be ENTRANCE MATS, DISPENSERS, MONEY COUNTERS, etc. that are promoted by means of e-mails.

Monday PRODUCT Focus 

Tuesday CATEGORY Focus

March to May 2018

Our Tuesdays are devoted to PRODUCT RANGES or CATEGORIES, eg. HYGIENE-Related Products and may incorporate a range of different products, grouped within that category. Our customers are therefore able, when making use of these PROMO's, to buy a wide range of related products at much reduced prices!

Wed MIDWEEK Madness

March to May 2018

Wednesday is the home of our MIDWEEK MADNESS PROMOS! On this day we select a handful of products and offer ridiculous discounts on them! We are often able to do this after negotiating corresponding, short-term discounts with our respective 

suppliers/importers/manufacturers. These PROMOS are strictly valid for 3 days only - until the Friday.


Welcome to our Weekly PROMOS Page!

The PROMOS below change on a monthly basis and focus on the following:

 - Monday PRODUCT Focus, Tuesday CATEGORY Focus and Wednesday MIDWEEK MADNESS.

Please make use of these deals AND also consider signing up for our weekly mailer/newsletter.

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